Chef Kyle and Our Team

Originally from New York, Chef Kyle started cooking very young. His creations are influenced by his world-wide travels.

Alberto Trevizo

Event Manager

“I love summer. I love to be outdoors - camping, playing golf and soccer.”

- Alberto on his favorite season.

A veteran event manager with over 27 years of experience, Alberto joined the Catering by Seasons team in 2014. Fluent in English and Spanish, Alberto excellently manages events of all sizes. He loves modern elegance, specializing in full-blown, out-of-this-world weddings and galas.

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His favorite culinary creation at Catering by Seasons? The smoked tenderloin. Alberto is a meat-lover.

He is hard-working, with a playful demeanor as he gets down to business. Alberto loves to be outside with his family, friends and his two dogs, Percy and Cocoa.

Glynis Keith

Event Manager

“Fall is so beautiful. There are so many fabulous weddings and events!”

- Glynis on her favorite season.

Glynis has always loved entertaining, from putting together the perfect guest list, to poring over recipe books and magazines for just the right menu, to selecting background music and finding those little touches that make each event unique and special.  She considers herself very lucky to have found a career where she gets to put those talents to good use helping her clients plan their own parties!   Her favorites are milestone life cycle events such as weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries and retirement celebrations.  She is drawn to unique and beautiful design trends and color palettes in all styles.  Each celebration is different, allowing her to indulge in all different styles from rustic to elegant and vintage to modern.

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Glynis admits that her tastes constantly change with the seasons and with new creations from Chef Kyle. She loves our signature Golden Gazpacho in the summertime and the delicious Carrot Soufflé in the fall. Yet, eggplant is always a win for Glynis, whether it is fried, roasted grilled or sautéed!

Stefanie Lowery

Event Manager

“Spring is beautiful. I love the colors, the flowers in bloom, and the warm sunny days.”

- Stefanie on her favorite season.

Stefanie is always in search of new opportunities for creativity with her events. She loves to see the joy on the faces of her clients, whether it be their wedding day, birthday, graduation or other life event. Driven to make these special days unique and memorable, Stefanie is ambitious and detail-oriented, turning a client’s dreams into reality.

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Over the years, Stephanie has become a major foodie, loving some of our farm favorites like cranberry butternut squash bruschetta and pappardelle pasta salad. When Stefanie started at Catering by Seasons, she couldn’t stand mushrooms, but now they are one of her favorite foods from the farm!

In her free time Stefanie enjoys singing, writing and spending time with her son, Mikey.

Misty Zani

Senior Event Manager

“I love fall. The colors, the crisp air, and spiked apple cider…”

- Misty on her favorite season.

Misty hails from Ohio, and has been in the hospitality industry for most of her life. With a degree in Travel and Tourism and a knack for creating great menus and great events, she is a powerhouse here at Catering by Seasons.

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She loves to be versatile, doing all kinds of events from weddings and life-events to elaborate holiday celebrations. Her favorite part of the job is helping people to get the most out of the experience. With a taste for modern, simple design and DIY charm, Misty is great at pulling out the more personal details, making each event unique.

Our Lemon Bars are one of Misty’s all-time favorites, with a sweet and tangy flavor.

In her time off, Misty loves hanging out with friends, drinking good wines, and cheering for the Washington Nationals.

Dina Silnicky

Director of Events

“Summer – I love hot weather! It is great to go to the beach and enjoy a long vacation.”

- Dina on her favorite season

A New York native, Dina has been working in the industry for most of her life. During college, she worked various waitressing jobs so she could save up enough money to travel.  She toured the US by following the Grateful Dead around the country, then went abroad throughout Europe and spent a year in Israel infusing her palate with flavors of the world.

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Dina loves modern, minimalist design, and it shows. She enjoys being creative with menus and décor for funky corporate events. Her perfect celebration would have lots of guests and lots of food – with seasonal vegetables, fun buffet stations, fantastic wines, gorgeous desserts and a great classic rock band for guests to dance off dinner.

It is easy to see how much Dina loves her job. With an energetic social personality, she is always inspiring the team with creative new ideas and extravagant stories from her career.

As a health nut, Dina loves our signature Vegetable Terrine and our Sweet Potato and Mango Salad. Outside of work, Dina loves her family, her dogs, and a fast-paced gym routine.  Her favorite pastime is sampling eclectic food in restaurants, at the homes of friends, or entertaining in her own home.

Chef Kyle hand-picking tomatoes and other vegetables in our own garden
Chef Kyle hand-picking tomatoes and other vegetables in our own garden
Kyle Vermeulen

Executive Chef

“I love summer barbecues, spicy sauces and fresh summer vegetables – tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers.”

- Kyle on his favorite season.

Originally from New York, Chef Kyle Vermeulen started cooking very young, and has since been influenced by his world travels. His international culinary experiences have exposed him to diverse cuisines and cultures. Most recognizably, Chef Kyle served as the Executive Chef at the four-star Blue Moon Café on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. He has worked across the United States and beyond, spending time in culinary hot spots including New Orleans and Palm Beach, even spending months aboard a yacht as the Private Chef during the prestigious Admiral’s Cup in Europe.

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Locally, Kyle has been recognized for his work with Washington D.C. caterers. Since 2008, Chef Kyle has worked with us for corporate functions and high-end social events. Regardless of the number of attendees or the scope of the project, he is able to make it memorable.

Chef Kyle has also been a key part of our farm-to-table initiative. Throughout the year Chef Kyle works with event specialists and local farmers to create customized menus with all ingredients grown fresh and sustainably at our partner farms. For his pioneering work with new-age vegetarian dishes and our Grown-to-Order initiative, Chef Kyle was featured in Catering Magazine and Green Bride Guide.

Now living in Annapolis, Maryland, Kyle loves to relax on the water and grill for friends in his time off.


The food was exceptional from start to finish, and many, many guests provided immediate and vocal feedback about how delicious everything was.

I cannot say enough good things about Glynis Keith and the team at Catering By Seasons.

As mother of the bride, I was totally impressed by the professional, helpful and curteous service Catering By Seasons provided at my daughter's wedding.