Since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, the catering and event industry has had to make significant changes to survive, and in some fortunate cases, even thrive in this new environment. While we will all welcome the day when certain necessary precautions can finally dissipate (masks, no hugs) there are some changes and trends that we believe are here to stay (and we welcome them). Check out these creative service options that smart caterers and clients implement to make their events both safe and memorable.

1. Cocktail Creativity

Hop on the custom cocktail craze. Not just because it is fun and can be a very cost-effective way to lower your event’s bar tab, it is also a safe and sanitary way to lessen bar congestion and germs. Serve pre-made drinks as people enter the event at stations or on trays. You can also have attended stations with any number of creative drink options. Your own signature drink designed for your event, mason jar drinks, canned cocktails, Prosecco with straws, unique themed craft beers and more. Fun, safe and festive!

2. Long live the buffet

Though at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and during its peak, buffets became virtually nonexistent, innovative planning has allowed the buffet experience to return in a new and refined fashion. Buffets concepts are back and we think, better than ever.

  • Single servings. Serve hors d’oeuvres that are individually prepared in their own containers. Tiny bowls and vessels of all sizes and shapes can be used, to make cocktail hour nibbles safe and statement worthy.
  • Spread out. Organize serving tables to enable social distancing and to limit lines and crowding. Have less items at each station and allow for more space. We also like that this means less waste too.
  • Prepackaged snacks and treats. Individually wrapped snacks and desserts can be a great way to showcase your event’s logo or design on packaging. Guests love this custom and safe approach to dessert. 
  • Attended stations. When possible, have servers assisting guests and helping to lesson any bottlenecks.

3. Plated menus

Serving each course plated, need not be cost-prohibitive or staid. Caterers can get creative to design menus that are exciting and on budget.  Planning the timing of service can also ensure that a meal of multiple courses compliments the desired flow of the event.

4. Safer, smarter service options

Space can be a premium at many venues.  COVID-19 has forced us to rethink event layouts for the better. Wider tables and serving stations, increased number of bars and attended options, are just a few ways to help disperse guests and prevent congestion. More efficient serving that improves the guest experience at your event should be a welcomed and permanent change whenever possible.

5. Be one with nature

Covid forced us to get outdoors.  Hopefully, when possible, we will stay there. If the opportunity to be outside exists at your home or venue, take it. Don’t limit outdoor events to the perfect outdoor location.  It doesn’t have to be a fabulous farm or waterside locale (while we sure do love those)! Your own backyard, deck or patio can be a perfect spot for a celebration or intimate gathering. Don’t forget outdoor cooking options too. Today with heat lamps and often unseasonably warmer weather, these outdoor gatherings can extend right into the cooler months with ease.

Here at Catering by Seasons, you can count on us to be both agile and innovative. While there are many unknowns regarding COVID-19 and its variants as we move into Fall 2021, rest assured that we will take all precautions necessary to create exquisite and safe events for our clients and their guests.  

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Everything about working with Catering by Seasons, from the planning, communication, to the execution was phenomenal!

I can’t say enough great things about our entire experience planning our daughter's Bat Mitzvah with Glynis Keith, Catering Manager, with Catering by Seasons.

Catering By Seasons exceeded my expectation. I used them for a brunch at my house after my son’s bar mitzvah. The level of professionalism along with their responsiveness made me feel at ease right away.