Autumn Event Ideas

Fall is in the air! For many of us at Catering by Seasons, autumn is our favorite season. We love the beautiful colors of the leaves, the chill in the air, and all of the great seasonal flavors. And for many fall events, we love accentuating these details. In the spirit of the season, we have 5 fall event ideas to give you a little inspiration!

5. The Best of Both Worlds – being stuck between seasons.

In our region, fall (and all seasons, in fact) can bring some crazy weather. One day, it might be sunny and 85; the next it could be a chilling rain; and then there are always the perfect days where everything is comfortable. Make the best of this by bringing forth event details from the neighboring seasons – summer and winter. For instance, at a recent wedding the couple had an abundance of dried and fresh herbs, adding color to the tables and making the entire venue smell wonderful. Of course, we won’t have these fresh summer herbs for much longer, but if you are planning ahead, you can dry them out and the will smell just as good.

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Bringing in the colors and styles of winter may actually make you more comfortable at your autumn event. If you are having a fall wedding, think about lots of layers for you and your guests. That way, you are cozy regardless of the weather.

4. A Seasonal Color Palette – but not it the ways you might think.

With color palettes, it is very hard to come up with something that hasn’t been done before, but by thinking about creative layering with linens, florals, china, and little details, it is possible to come up with something that is simply stunning. Our Event Managers love playing and pairing colors and textures to make each event truly unique in it’s own way.


For those of you out there who prefer a more subdued color palette for events, these pastel fall colors are perfect. Pair a light cream linen with any of these for an elegant wedding celebration or social event.

Pastel - Fall Color Palette



For darker natural tones like eggplant purple and burnt umber, you also want to think about how to brighten up the room with a few glitzy details. The cool purple and blue tones contrast well with brighter warm tones for a very striking corporate or social event.

Natural - Fall Color Palette

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By throwing in a bit of brighter colors that are not typically oriented with fall, you can really spice up the mix. At a recent gala for the arts, our Event Managers paired bright shining blues with deep velvety browns for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Modern - Fall Color Palette


3. The Details – accentuating without going overboard.

At your next fall event, you can accentuate with décor and elegant centerpieces that reflect the seasons without being too overdone. For instance, gold or silver accents brighten up most autumn color palettes, so think about your silverware, china, place cards, candles and more. Incorporating elements of nature can also make for a beautiful event – plus they are so easy to find! Acorns, pinecones, apples, freshly cut flowers (that are still in season) are all good choices. Don’t get carried away with the gourds and pumpkins though. Our Event Managers are always looking to find new creative ways to decorate, thinking outside of the box!

Fall Decor - Catering by Seasons

Another important detail – things to keep you warm – can make all the difference at your event. We love to offer up s’mores stations for dessert, and hot chocolate or hot apple cider as guests depart. This is an excellent way to say farewell and thank you for coming! Your guests know you are looking out for them and making sure they feel warm and cozy before stepping out into the chilling night.

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2. Play Up the Holidays – because everyone loves a party.

Again, if you want to play with fall holiday themes, you can do it in a discrete and fun way. Usually when people think of Halloween, they think of Jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, and cauldrons. But to us, we think candy bar dessert stations, miniature caramel apples, and sparklers at the end of the night. For Thanksgiving, we think miniature pumpkin pie, apple sweet potato casserole, roast turkey and family-oriented events. You could even incorporate a touch of winter holidays with our sweet potato pancakes with apple confit or pomegranate salmon entrée.

By playing around with your menu, guests can enjoy the flavors of the holidays in a fun and creative way!

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Our delicious miniature cranberry nut pies are perfect for the fall season, playing with the candied fruits of Halloween and sweet savory desserts of Thanksgiving.

1. Unique fall flavors – moving beyond all things pumpkin spice.

Okay, many of us do love a good pumpkin spice… anything (see our Pumpkin Spice Parfait Recipe), but we also love to mix it up with other unique and interesting fall flavors.

For a sweeter bite, our Cranberry Butternut Squash Bruschetta is a seasonal favorite. With Stilton cheese and Balsamic dressing, it is a great mix of sweet and savory fall foods.

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Catering by Seasons offers great savory seasonal hors d’oeuvre too, with creatively featured meats, such as our duck sliders with a tangy sauce.

Chef Kyle Vermeulen also loves to make new and interesting kinds of chips – from salted kale and chard chips to freshly made beet and sweet potato chips, they are all new and exciting takes on a classic!

Fall Hors D'oeuvre - Catering by Seasons

Seasonal salads are a hit with Catering by Seasons. Our Fall Harvest Salad is so sweet that even the most carnivorous of eaters can’t resist. With thin slivers of butternut squash and dried figs, it is certainly one to remember.

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Other fantastic fall options include our beet and feta spinach salad and our pomegranate salmon entrée – yum!

Fall Dinners - Catering by Seasons

At Catering by Seasons, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to execute fabulous seasonal events. Our chefs love to come up with new dishes every day, and we are always looking for ways to further challenge ourselves. If you are interested in discussing your upcoming fall or winter event, contact us today to speak with one of our Event Managers – 301.477.3515 or


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