Growing a Wedding: The Story

Farm Fresh Broccoli
Farm Fresh Broccoli

With a little less than two months to go before our first grown to order, Seeds to Celebrations wedding event, things are beginning to bud and blossom at Open Book Farm. Broccoli, butternut squash, heirloom tomatoes, and fresh herbs color the landscape in the “Wedding Garden” and the baby chicks just arrived!
It takes the chicks about 8 weeks to grow to adulthood, and right now they are safe and sound in the barn. Closely nestled near a heat lamp, the chicks are content, protected from any predators.
Outside, Mary Kathryn Barnet, co-owner of Open Book Farm, tells us that just like with any other garden, a lot depends on the weather. Some of the produce is thriving in the summer sun and the rain showers, while other seeds still haven’t hit the soil – here is our full seeding calendar:

May 7 – Pumpkins and Squash seeded
June 7 – Broccoli seeded
June 20 – Kale seeded
August 8 – Chicks arrived
August 13 – Bok Choy to be seeded
August 23 – Chicks are old enough to be put out to pasture
August 26 – Braising Greens to be seeded

All of the produce will be harvested in late September and served fresh at the wedding in Emmitsburg, MD.

Farmer Mary Kathryn talks about the pride of growing and eating locally, as well as the benefits. Locally grown food is fresher and healthier than imported foods, and all foods from Open Book Farm are ethically produced, free of preservatives, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics. To read more about the farming practices at Open Book Farm, check out their Website.

Here at La Prima Catering, we are also dedicated to moving forward with our own greener business initiatives. In addition to our new Seeds to Celebrations event options, we also do the following:

• Use 100% wind energy to power two of our kitchens
• Compost thousands of pounds of food trimmings each week
• Grow tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, herbs, and much more in our own urban garden
• Implement more energy efficient trucks in our deliveries
• Offer Greenware compostable plates, cutlery, cups, and napkins
• Work on farm-to-table menus, event options
and many other things to protect our earth!

To learn more about our Earth-friendly business practices and our “Seeds to Celebrations” initiative, please contact Dave Evans at or Like us on Facebook and find out how we can help you with your next extraordinary event!

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Everything about working with Catering by Seasons, from the planning, communication, to the execution was phenomenal!

Catering By Seasons exceeded my expectation. I used them for a brunch at my house after my son’s bar mitzvah. The level of professionalism along with their responsiveness made me feel at ease right away.

I can’t say enough great things about our entire experience planning our daughter's Bat Mitzvah with Glynis Keith, Catering Manager, with Catering by Seasons.