Seeds to Celebrations

In 2012, Seeds to Celebrations was launched in order to promote local farms and sustainable, organically grown foods.

Using sustainable farming practices, we cultivate and harvest fresh tomatoes, basil, Swiss chard, braising greens, watermelon, oregano, thyme, parsley, mint and other herbs from our garden and partner farms. During the growing season these ingredients are used in all our kitchens.

Our farming partners help to turn dreams into farm-to-table feasts, and now it can be part of your own celebration. If you are interested in using locally grown produce for your next event, Contact Us to learn more about the Seeds to Celebrations process and schedule your event today!

Also make sure you check out our Blog for more information on our grown to order events!

Testimonial from the Bride

“When Catering by Seasons indicated that they would be able to translate our personal commitment to buying locally and sustainable into our wedding menu, we thought ‘great, even if we can just do a little to incorporate that theme, let’s try it’. We never imagined how well your team would work with local farms and vendors to make the event such a success. I heard ‘This food is fantastic!’ more often than ‘The bride looks so lovely!’ which, as the bride, I still took as the highest compliment.”

-Jessie, pioneering bride from our very first grown-to-order wedding

Green Certifications

Catering by Seasons is committed to eco-friendly solutions in all of our business practices. Catering by Seasons is the leading green caterer on the East Coast, certified by the Green Restaurant Association. We are also recognized member of the Maryland Green Registry, and a recipient of the 2013 Maryland Green Leadership Award. To learn more about our certifications or green providers, click on the links below.


With Catering by Seasons, you can be confident that every event is produced using environmentally responsible practices.

Our composting initiatives have helped up keep over one hundred thousand pounds of food waste out of landfills since 2012. By switching to new delivery vehicles and adjusting our routes we have doubled our mileage and cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half. In the past year we have cut our electrical use by nearly 20% with energy efficient appliances, light bulbs and energy policies. These are just a few of the things we have done to improve our commitment to our customers and our planet.

We strive to:

  • Follow all environmental regulations and go beyond what is required
  • Use 100% renewable energy
  • Reduce waste through our company-wide recycling program
  • Compost thousands of pounds of food trimmings each week, helping to reduce our waste sent to the landfill
  • Organically grow tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, herbs, and much more in our own urban garden
  • Partnering with local, sustainable farms to bring our customers fresh, healthy foods
  • Work on farm-to-table, grown-to-order menus and event options
  • Implement energy efficient trucks in our deliveries
  • Train all of our staff on our environmental program and empower them to contribute and work towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, in and out of the office
  • Continually improve our practices by measuring our environmental impacts and set strict annual goals to become more sustainable

Our Garden & Partner Farms


The food was exceptional from start to finish, and many, many guests provided immediate and vocal feedback about how delicious everything was.

I cannot say enough good things about Glynis Keith and the team at Catering By Seasons.

As mother of the bride, I was totally impressed by the professional, helpful and curteous service Catering By Seasons provided at my daughter's wedding.